Our Mission

Committed to Promote Anandpur Sahib as a Global Destination

  • Building social infrastructure to benefit local communities
  • Develop tourism related facilities & infrastructure
  • Build museums that preserve heritage
  • Spearhead conservation of historical buildings
  • Assisted living facilities for the ageing
  • Promote cultural activities
  • Encourage traditional sports such as horsemanship, martial arts, kabaddi etc

Upcoming Events



THIRD EYE OF SRI ANANDPUR SAHIB, The Sri Anandpur Sahib Development Council (SAPSDC) a subsidiary body of the Foundation has undertaken the task of ensuring CCTV coverage of all important areas of the town. This measure will support policing activities and deter any criminal activity in the Holy town of Sri Anandpur Sahib. About 80% of the work has been completed, with the balance areas being covered in an ongoing phased manner.


Swachh Sri Anandpur sahib

The SASDC Council is in the process of developing systems that will ensure that the holy town maintains  high standards of cleanliness. For this purpose a master plan of the town is being prepared so that proper waste management systems can be deployed. New Systems for waste management, including bifurcation of waste, collection and disposal with recycling protocols will be developed. This is a massive exercise that will include community participation and education at the street level.

This is a Cleanliness/Swachh Ongoing Project…


Baisakhi 2018 – Khalsa Games & VIRSA – 4 days celebrations from 12th to 15th April

The Anandpur Sahib Heritage Foundation has invited other like minded institutions to join hands in celebrating Baisakhi 2018 in Sri Anandpur Sahib. In addition to the 4th edition of Khalsa Village Games 2018, a new 4 day Annual Baisakhi festival VIRSA has been launched with The Sikh Chamber of Commerce and other partners. From 12-15th April this cultural extravaganza will showcase Punjabi culture through SEEKH – Knowledge Sessions that invite participation from Sikh and Punjabi’s who have achieved distinction in their chosen fields sharing knowledge. The VIRSA Awards,  Film Festival, World Bhangra Festival, variety of Punjabi folk music and cultural shows and a food and crafts mela. The morning of 15th April will launch the ‘Vaisakhi Super Sikh Run’ – A 21 kms half marathon from Sri Anandpur Sahib to Kiratpur Sahib and back to Sri Anandpur Sahib with famous participants running alongside the pristine waters of the Bhakra Canal. Come Rediscover Your VIRSA at Sri Anandpur Sahib and celebrate the Birthday of the KHALSA Panth… 12-15th April 2018.



Kar Sewa of Charan Ganga River Let at Sri Anandpur Sahib – From Baisakhi 2018 Onwards

The Anandpur Sahib Heritage Foundation proposes to invite Sant Baba Labh SinghJi (Kar Sewa Wale) of Kila Anandgarh Sahib and other social institutions to undertake the cleaning, desilting and channelisation of the historic riverlet Charan Ganga which flows to the North East of the Holy town. The present state of the Charan Ganga leaves the town vulnerable to seasonal flooding with over grown elephant grass posing a danger to the town with unhygienic conditions alongside the main habitations of the holy city. This KAR SEWA project will be undertaken within the guidelines and under the supervision of the District Administration & Drainage Deptt. of Punjab.




The Anandpur Sahib Heritage Foundation has conceptualised a programme to retrain rural women in traditional crafts such as weaving, pottery, shoe making, fabric dyeing and to undertake the marketing of products produced by this programme. An effort to involve a suitable NGO trained in skill development is underway. This is an ongoing project.