Our Mission

Committed to Promote Anandpur Sahib as a Global Destination

  • Building social infrastructure to benefit local communities
  • Develop tourism related facilities & infrastructure
  • Build museums that preserve heritage
  • Spearhead conservation of historical buildings
  • Assisted living facilities for the ageing
  • Promote cultural activities
  • Encourage traditional sports such as horsemanship, martial arts, kabaddi etc

Celebrating 352 yrs of the founding of Anandpur Sahib (1665-2017)

Sri Anandpur Sahib – White City of India

The entire city of Anandpur Sahib was painted white to commemorate 350 years of the founding which was officially celebrated on 19th June, 2015.

Entry GateEntry Gate

View of the GurudwaraView of the Gurudwara

Railway StationRailway Station

White City ViewWhite City View

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The Foundation has undertaken some rural road building works to connect different habitations in the Lodhipur village area adjoining Sri Anandpur Sahib. So far approximately 2 .5 kms of unpaved roads have been laid by leveling land and clearing undergrowth which had made the village roads unserviceable. This is an ongoing project on the request of the village panchayat of Lodhipur.



On the request of the village panchayat of Lodhipur through a resolution, the Foundation is undertaking to build a causeway over the Charan Ganga channel to allow passage of traffic between different habitations of the village who have to wade through the water in low tide to connect on both sides of the channel. This is an ongoing project.



The Anandpur Sahib Heritage Foundation has conceptualised a programme to retrain rural women in traditional crafts such as weaving, pottery, shoe making, fabric dyeing and to undertake the marketing of products produced by this programme. An effort to involve a suitable NGO trained in skill development is underway. This is an ongoing project.



On the request of school authorities to assist with the development of Sports infrastructural facilities. The Anandpur Sahib Heritage Foundation has started the development of a Basket ball court at the 125 year old SGS Sr Secondary Khalsa School in Sri Anandpur Sahib. Also under development is the Panchayat of Lodhipur school play ground and viewing stadium. This is an ongoing project.