Sri Anandpur Sahib Development Council (SASDC)

Vision Statement

  1. To be a Non Governmental, Non Political, Not for Profit, Voluntary Organisation with no Commercial Agenda
  2. To make Sri Anandpur Sahib, ‘Guru Ki Nagri’ a global destination
  3. To become the Vatican city of the Sikhs, as the birth place of the Khalsa
  4. To host International events and showcase the Sikh way of life
  5. To plan infrastructure that will be at par with the best in the World

Mission Statement

  1. To develope Sri Anandpur Sahib as the cleanest religious town in India
  2. To create master plans 2020, 2030, 2040 & 2050 with all stakeholders of Sri Anandpur Sahib to be a guideline for development of the town and environs.
  3. To be a bridge and promote better understanding between different institutions (such as SGPC), interest groups, communities, residents and Governmental bodies and departments
  4. To guide the economic, cultural, historical, social and infrastructural development of the town and its inhabitants.
  5. To undertake projects and initiatives that benefit all sections of society and build a peaceful, clean, non polluted, environment friendly model town that can serve as an example to other towns in India and around the world.

Bye Laws of the Council

  1. All members of the Executive Committee (EC) and Special Invitees (SI) to be invited by the President with the advise of the Managing Committee (MC).
  2. All Projects or initiatives to be undertaken by a Sub Committee (SC), nominated by the President with the advise of MC & EC members.
  3. Retirement of MC & EC members should be effected when the member concerned is not able to devote time for the functioning of the Council
  4. A monthly meeting of the council is mandatory with 1/3 MC & EC members present forming a quorum. Adhoc meetings can be called by the President preferably with 24/48 hours notice to take up pressing issues that need the councils attention.
  5. Any MC or EC member can request a meeting by contacting the Hon Secretary to take up issues deemed to require special attention.

Guidelines of the Council

  1. The council will focus on issues and projects that will benefit all sections of society and promote peace, harmony and universal brotherhood.
  2. The council will NOT take up individual cases or issues that do not affect the community at large.
  3. The council will seek support from all sections of society, governmental departments, SGPC, municipality, political leadership and other elected bodies to solve local issues and represent the ‘voice of the people’.
  4. The council will represent local knowledge and highlight local requirements for development projects being undertaken by different Government bodies, both at the planning and implementation stages.
  5. The council will draw up a list of projects/issues to be taken up with different Central and State Govt. Agencies and local bodies, multilateral Agencies, NGO’s, Corporate Bodies wishing to take up CSR or other projects for the upliftment of rural communities and weaker sections of society.


Managing Committee
Sr No Name of Member Email ID Mobile No Designation Membership
1 Sodhi Vikram Singh 9810271535 President of Council Ex Officio
2 S. Dalbir Singh Dhuria 9888274141 General Secretary of Council Ex Officio
3 Gyani Surinder Singh 9855098750 SGPC Member + Principal SMC Ex Officio
4 S. Mohinder Singh Walia 9815613414 Pradhan- MC  Sri Anandpur Sahib Ex Officio
5 S. Inderjeet Singh Arora 9417702700 Pradhan- Vypar Mandal APS Ex Officio
6 S. Nachhatar Singh Randhawa 8427211152 Hon. Secretary (Redt) PIB Ex Officio
Executive Committee
1 Principal Harsimran Singh 9872591713 APS Gyan Ashram Private
2 S. Sukhwinder Singh 9855544620 Baba Deep Singh Education Trust Private
3 Dr Hardial Singh Pannu 7589395274 President- Alliance Club APS Ex Officio
4 Dr Palwinder Singh Kang President- Rotary Club APS Ex Officio
5 S. Sukhwinder Singh (Bittu) 7889252591 President- Lions Club APS Ex Officio
6 S. Harpreet Singh Malhotra 9417583775 President- Alliance Club – Kiratpur Sahib Ex Officio
7 S. Phakkar Singh Bhattal 9915461166 Sr. Advocate APS Private
8 S. Naranjan Singh Rana 9888880912 Fmr Director SGS Sr Sec. Khalsa School Private
9 S. Karnail Singh 9814001419 Member- MC  Sri Anandpur Sahib Ex Officio
10 S. Maninder Pal Singh 7696802537 President Youth Akali Dal APS Ex Officio
11 S. Mehr Singh Dhillon 9876177260 NRI UK Private
Special Invitees
1 Sant Baba Labh Singh Ji Prabandak Kila Anandgarh Sahib Wale
2 Singh Sahib Jathedar Mal Singh 9417542974 Jathedar- Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib
3 Singh Sahib Prof Manjit Singh 9814001999 Fmr Jathedar- Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib